Monday, March 05, 2007

Music Powered MP3 Lightcast

Your very own psychedelic light show at home. Project on wall, ceiling, door or floor? No problem. Update: Discovery channel seemed to have pulled the link to this product of theirs. Why? It's a mystery. And not of the psychedelic sort. There are great reviews about the product.

psychedelic 33 LED light cast responds to soundLED light cast remote
Features include:
  • Light projector that syncs with your MP3 player or other audio
  • 33 built LEDs (single color, not RGB)
  • Interchangeable mirror and lens
  • Different light patterns
  • Slow, medium, fast or flash; AND None, minimum, moderate, maximum mix modes
  • Wireless remote - also lights up
Via Redferret.


payday said...

They may have pulled them because I bought 4 of them and some of the remotes won't work so I am calling the company tomorrow to see if I can get replacement remotes.

Dan said...

Have you seen any of the recent games that have come out using LED lights? I also saw (just yesterday) an artist using LED lights. It was by the Troika art group. Look it up. Who would have thought people would use LED lights for art?


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Nestor Ulloa said...

they took down the image, but yeah there are many cool ideas to do with led lights.
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