Saturday, June 17, 2006

Leddie has a BIG dilemma

My dilemma was that this blog is about LED light and although I think changing climate back is the big part of LEDs adoption, my site (and blog) is better off if I place it elsewhere.

So I created another blog -- ChangeClimateBack and reposted my dilemma there.
I also place all my previous posts related to that subject on that blog.

See you there

FunLEDLight SiteMap Added

Uploaded a Fun Led Light, Site Search and Site Map to for all of you Leddie fans.

UPDATE Update on this folks: I switched to using FreeFind, find it at The FireFox business turned out to be messy. Read on below...

Here's how I've done it:

First used FreeFind Sitemap feature, which is fairly rudimentary. Then, using it as a comprehensive link list - I built my own. I recommend you do this, possible regularly. But update your site map every time a new page added.

To me it was very useful. Already shows where I need to work on most. (Got carried away with Xmas tips...I know...)
And it is also a vey good way to show information overlap.

Outdated: How was it created? A neat little trick will make sure it is always updated. Simply used FireFox bookmarks and exported them into a html file. After that - easy done. Just upload with some edits and you're done.