Thursday, March 29, 2007

Largest LED TV - See Video

This reporter runs the length of the screen in 12 seconds.
The TV is a measly 11m by 66m large and could easily fit three (yes 3) tennis courts.
Manufactured by the talented (and somewhat mad) folks at Toshiba, Japan
Watch the picture in picture mode ...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Music Powered MP3 Lightcast

Your very own psychedelic light show at home. Project on wall, ceiling, door or floor? No problem. Update: Discovery channel seemed to have pulled the link to this product of theirs. Why? It's a mystery. And not of the psychedelic sort. There are great reviews about the product.

psychedelic 33 LED light cast responds to soundLED light cast remote
Features include:
  • Light projector that syncs with your MP3 player or other audio
  • 33 built LEDs (single color, not RGB)
  • Interchangeable mirror and lens
  • Different light patterns
  • Slow, medium, fast or flash; AND None, minimum, moderate, maximum mix modes
  • Wireless remote - also lights up
Via Redferret.

Rubiks Revolution - 6 new games in an old box

I blog this here quickly in anticipation and frustration. Anticipation of a fun game that this second take on the cube is going to be. It is also a clever marketing assault.

rubics revolution is the first qualified stab at an electronic take on the vastly popular cubeThe frustration? It is because the original cube was dear to me, I loved it. It was a modular revolution. This version is not quite the modular revolution I expect from the pioneers of LED games I have been predicting in my fun-led-light/games reports.

There is a clear intention though, and it is the only game so far that is officially treading a new and unbeaten path. However, practical problems are already showing. There is no obvious and clear navigation from the splash page, but the site actually offers you free stickers if you wore off yours in the heat of the game. It leads to TechnoSource, a US distributor for the game. Not a good sign ... ?