Saturday, June 17, 2006

Leddie has a BIG dilemma

My dilemma was that this blog is about LED light and although I think changing climate back is the big part of LEDs adoption, my site (and blog) is better off if I place it elsewhere.

So I created another blog -- ChangeClimateBack and reposted my dilemma there.
I also place all my previous posts related to that subject on that blog.

See you there


Anonymous said...

I see you are sad that you don't get much funding or donations from people. I have to say this, you won't get any if all you do is ramble mindlessly. You need to show a plan of action and what technologies you are trying to develop. I know your resources are limited but you have to show you solutions to the problems at hand, so that readers will see it worthwhile donating/funding. Thanks.

Leddie said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, take it in my stride.
A plan of action ... What would you suggest?

Glad you asked, HERE's my thinking

My thinking was that this is a complex problem, we need top minds to come up with real solutions for MANUFACTURING the means to fix the effects and NOW. And I don't mind eating humble pie. Donations would help to get the message accross. That in climate change what we see now was created 40 years ago, NOT today.

WHATEVER we have today in terms of damage, there is simply nothing in the world that can STOP it from making a change in 40 years to come. UNLESS we start FINANCING and MANUFACTURING the means that fix the damage TODAY.

In my humble opinion one big priority should be the resalination of the fresh water deep sea reserves that now slow the GULF current 30% or so. (The GULF slowing so much before coincided with a near 40 year midland drought ... We live in Biblical Times.)

Taking salt water from the sea, splitting it and adding salt to the GULF and water to the Northern Ice Cap (already 40% or so damaged) is a no brainer, yet sounds like an Impossible Solution.

The result could be a three-way-WIN: More ice cap, more salt water and less sea level - all where needed most. Do we have the technology and the money? It is a black box needed to be opened by top minds.

(Hint: we can now plan to Terra-from Mars, while we CAN, as proven, quitely kinda Mars-form Earth without even trying.)
And there are all those other problems needing fixing.

My adopted technique?
It IS impossible solutions to Generate Ideas as the problem is an impossible problem. And that's what is so great about it. That we could fix it.

Does it worth your few bucks now ?)
Then please donate NOW, wherever you think it's worth it.
My role in this is to kinda challenge to action as I have no means and little knowledge. Solving it shouldn't be above my and your head ...
Cheers, Leddie

By the way, I think LED lights could take a pronounced role in making the underwater resalination current visible in some way. Motion could feed them power, and the light units would be long lasting. And you would need a visual proof that it is working if you wanted folks like you and me footing the bill.

If you agree, you may come up with an action plan that suits you most, or point to folks who can.

If so, donate to them. Today, unconditionally. Tomorrow, if you have proof that the plan works.

Leddie said...

My choice seems to be paying off. Fun-led-light is growing in it's niche effectiveness. But more than that, my
is growing in awareness. The BeGreenTeam Entrepreneurs took note. Guess all you need is committment and attracting the right people. Lol.
Keep the donating to the right people with visin who deliver something tangible.