Sunday, February 12, 2006

New finds and additions to Fun-Led-Light

Hi folks! New finds and additions to the cult site fun-led-light.

This is just a quickie to let you know...
Homemaker Bliss has some great new suggestions. To Bulbology current new long life light bulb data added. The light emitting diodes page got a revamp. And the home page that my Top Drawer really also got some more helpful hints.

I also started to elaborate on my new house lighting concept. Fiberoptics is still to follow.

All in the ready to qualify as your best guide EVER on LED lights at home. Hey directories! All welcome.

1. More home lighting ideas. Is too much too little in fact?
2. PartyStage. Can we learn from disco lighting if we want great party lights? Betcha!

Cheers, Gotta go...
Don't try this at home. Too much work. But someone has to Love it, and that's me - Leddie.


Mike Hamanaka said... is another Light Emitting Diode Blog

flewid said...

Hi All,

Nice blog. I also wanted to mention I run a small LED lighting/Green Energy blog over at

Keep up the good work guys, LEDs are the future!

- New Light

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